I stand in front of Sir while he reads the card, all I have to offer him is myself, my heart, my mind, my body and soul I give to him unreservedly, totally I offer him my submission, my life, they are his.

I stand before him, head bowed as I read out my submission document, my heart is racing, as although he has told me to arrange the ceremony and he has approved what I have written; I still have a deep down fear that it will not be good enough, that I am not good enough for him.

Yet he accepts; I hear his words of acceptance of what I offer, and I am overwhelmed with emotions; ecstasy, apprehension, desire, passion, love all flow through me and the fact  that he is willing to take me, and wants to own me, that he accepts my submission is the most joyous perfect day of my life. I kneel before him and he places the collar (a necklace that I will never remove) around my neck and a special warmth flows through me.

Our friends who have witnessed the ceremony leave us and I want to cry and laugh all at the same time as Sir takes me in his arms and kisses me passionately, our tongues dance and twirl my heart races and my cunt clenches knowing he will soon claim me, possess me like no one else ever has.

Sirs hands slide down over my back and buttocks, a soft moan floats from my lips in to the silent room. My skin feels alive where his fingers have stroked, I want, I need him more than the air I breath. I lift my arse high in the air to give Sir access to all that he now owns, my cunt is soaking, my arse clenching as Sirs hard thick shaft penetrates my tight wet cunt and I gasp and rock against him. Ahhhh as my cunt clenches and spasms around his hard shaft Sir withdraws from me and I moan and whimper wanting more.

His hand comes down hard over and over on my arse making me scream out as the sting and burn flows and ebbs through me, my moans and cries filling the room.

I feel his body hard against mine as he whispers in my ear, “you are mine now, I own you, every inch of you my sub, my slut.”

Sirs cock hard and large pushes at my tight arse and I whimper as his cock stretches and enters me. Ohh god there is no other feeling like it in the world as Sirs cock pushed deep in my arse. Stroking long and deep in and out of my tight passage I gasp and moan begging Sir for more and more as he takes me beyond myself. My body trembling and shaking, my arse clenching as I cry out and my orgasm overtakes me and I feel Sirs seed filling me deep inside.

He is my world, my life, my breath, he owns me, my heart, my body and my soul. Sir now controls every part of my life and I have never felt better, safer, more secure and loved. Thank you Sir.



My weekends are filled with a sense of waiting, the feel of waiting as I am cuffed for him he is never far from me. There is the feeling of wanting him and needing the days to speed by so it can be Monday again and I can feel his hands on my body, can hear his voice and taste him once again. I live for the times we are physically together as they make it bearable to be apart from him on those other days when he can not be here due to other commitments.

I know I am fortunate Sir gives me all the time he possibly can, I have talked to other subs and have friends who see their Masters or Dom’s much much less than I do. But it will never stop me desiring more, needing to feel him, to smell him, hear him, taste him and just be in his physical presence more. To be cuffed, to be taken and submit to him my all.

He brings me to life like no other person ever has, he fills me with joy, and passion and love and makes me feel safe and complete like I have never known before and I live each day only to please him and make him happy and contented.

I sit and watch the clock on Monday waiting for it to tick over to that magic 12 o’clock lunch time. I pick up my bag and rush from the building to my car , although I am surprised I have not received a speeding ticket as drive like a maniac to get home, knowing he will be there.  I turn into the drive and see him and my breath catches in my throat, my heart races and I am overwhelmed by my emotions, it is always the same.

I am already wet from the anticipation of our meeting but when he walks over and kisses me my cunt contracts and I am soaking with my need for him. All thoughts of how many strokes of the cane I am owed for my transgressions leaves my head and I babble and smile and am deliriously happy to be with him.

Within minutes of entering the house I am naked and cuffed and as his hands travel over my body and he inspects his property, a sense of calmness, a sense that all is right in my world flows through me. There is nothing else like this feeling he gives me, the feeling I am loved unconditionally, that I am totally safe and that he always has my best interests at heart.

I as normal have transgressed during the week, and I have a love hate relationship with the cane and crop. I need it, I desire it, and when Sir delivers each stroke I thank him as the pain emanates through me and when he enters me I am wet and hot my body, my soul my very being on fire for him. My cries of pleasure and pain fill the room as he claims me, my cunt contracting around his hard shaft as I cum.

As he leaves my hot channel, I turn and kneel before him taking his luscious cock in my mouth tasting my juices coating him, mingling with the flavour that is uniquely his. There is nothing more delicious in the world I could live happily to the end of my days sucking on his cock. I love the sound of the pleasure I bring him as his hard shaft thrusts deeper harder and faster into my hot wet mouth. He will stop me before he cums as he has not finished with me yet and he will want to leave his cum where I will feel it for the rest of the afternoon.

I can never stand up gracefully when my hands are cuffed behind my back LOL let’s be honest I am a bit clumsy at the best of times. I stand only to change positions and get on my knees on the bed my arse high in the air as I know what he wants what he loves most is to take my tight arse.

As he enters me it is like no other sensation I love it, he fills me, stretches me that combination of the pinch of pain but the insurmountable pleasure as he starts to pump in to my tightest of channels. Taking me over and over, harder and harder as I moan and writhe until Sir has me cumming uncontrollably for what seems like forever, then I hear his deep moan and his deep deep thrust as he fills my arse with his seed. I am in heaven and don’t want to move.

I am always late back to work on Monday, LOL and I always have an arse full of cum *smile* to remind me who I belong to, who owns me and I am happy as I watch the clock till 4 when I can again rush home to Sir and the feel of his hands, the sound of his voice, to smell and taste him and above all obey and give myself to him totally.


I was reminded recently how fleeting life can be, how it can all end in a flash of a second and we can never relive the time that has past. It took me back to something I had read a year ago, it is not a new saying as I know many of you would have read this before but I wanted to share it with those of you that chose to visit my life with me here on my blog. It is a reminder to truly live one’s life with passion, drive, and enthusiasm for every challenge presented.

So remember to love and live with, zeal, fervour, and excitement, be curious and adventurous and live your life with the limitless energy that is in us all.

 Some of the images today represent my passions, my love; the things that make me dance with joy and happiness.

I don’t know who wrote the below but I like what it says and it always reminds me to live fully every second of the day.

Imagine there is a bank that credits your account each morning with $86,400.
It carries over no balance from day to day. Every evening the bank deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day.
What would you do? Draw out every cent, of course!
Each of us has such a bank. Its name is TIME.
Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off, as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to good purpose.
It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. Each day it opens a new account for you. Each night it burns the remains of the day. If you fail to use the day’s deposits, the loss is yours. There is no going back. There is no drawing against the “tomorrow.”
You must live in the present on today’s deposits. Invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness, and success! The clock is running. Make the most of today.
Treasure every moment that you have! And treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to spend your time.
Remember that time waits for no one. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present!

Handcuffs and Manacles

He throws them down on the bed next to me, they are so beautiful, they glint in the light and my heart races at the thought of the metal secured tightly around my wrists and ankles.

 I stand naked my hands behind my back as Sir picks up the new handcuffs and secures them on my wrist. I moan softly as his hands trail down my back, over my buttocks sliding between my legs as he feels my wetness, and I quiver.

One of his hands reaches out and picks up the manacles, as the other hand slides down my leg to my ankle, stroking it softly as my breath catches in my throat. Ohhh god as the manacles are secured my spirit soars and I feel a sense of calm flow through me. The feel of the metal the sight of the chain and then Sir’s hard shaft is sliding into my wet hot channel, my tight walls clasping around his thick hard cock, I moan and my hips rock as I meet his thrusts. The tempo increases until my body is shaking and I am crying out for release, my cunt clenching and spasming as Sir allows me to cum.

My juices coat my thighs as he pulls out of me, my legs shaking as I hear his voice telling me to suck his cock. I turn, my legs hardly able to hold me up; thank goodness I can kneel down or I would be falling down anyway and not very lady like either it is difficult sometimes for me to be graceful with hands cuffed behind my back and ankles manacled.

On my knees in front of him I slide my full red lips along his amazing cock, my tongue massaging the shaft as I take him deeper and deeper until he is lodged in my throat, I suck hard as I slide my mouth back up the shaft feeling his cock pulsing in my mouth. God I love the taste and feel of his cock in my mouth, particularly when the taste is a combination of my juices and his cock, hmmm the nectar of the gods. I suck rhythmically up and down, up and down sucking and licking, and then I feel his hands in my hair starting to direct the pace and making sure I take him all the way into the back of my throat with each stroke in and out of my hot wet mouth.

The combination of kneeling in front of Sir, metal against my skin, Sirs hands in my hair and his cock pounding into my mouth makes my blood boil. It sets me on fire, and I desire nothing more than to give myself over to him totally, my body sings, my juices flow and I ride on the crest of an orgasm as he takes my mouth using it for his pleasure and I am in heaven. I suck furiously wanting to feel his seed flowing down my throat, Sir thrusting into me hard and holding my face tight against his groin as he releases himself into me, unable to breathe yet swallowing all of Sirs hot delicious seed.

I sit here typing my wrists secured in the new handcuffs and the manacles secured around my ankles. I know I don’t have to use the metal handcuffs when I am on the computer, I can use my leather ones, but as I was writing this tonight I felt the metal more appropriate and I do so love them lol. I am soaking wet so I am going to finish now as it is late and I need to sleep and have a wonderful erotic dream mmmm.

I wonder what I will dream…

Toys and Tasks

My cunt it still throbbing and my body aches as I have completed my last task. But I get ahead of myself as this little tale started with yesterdays e-mail instructing me to complete task 12 which is, standing half bent handcuffed in front and held against the wall, a vibrator in my cunt on medium which has to be held in for 20 minutes without cumming. If however I can actually achieve this for 25 minutes I can reward myself with task 5 which is double penetration, while wearing butt plug having to fuck myself with one of my vibrators until I cum.

Now many will be saying “come on task 12 is simple” but for me not so simple; as being cuffed always has me extremely aroused, as it is the one thing that makes me feel his presence even when Sir is not physically with me. Now, I’m aroused needing to be fucked and add a vibrator, handcuffs and challenge into the mix and well I am on the edge as it is.

I turn the timer on to 30 minutes, secure my hand cuffs (remembering to have the key where I can get to it LOL) insert my blue vibrator and turn it on to medium. My cunt clenches tightly around the swirling head as the clit stimulator buzzes away on my quickly swelling hard little bud. I bend at the waist until I am bent in half, spread my legs slightly and grip my hot wet channel tightly around the vibe as I place my cuffed hands firmly on the wall. My hands are placed so I am looking always directly at the cuffs ensuring I will have the sensation that he watches all I do.

The room is quiet and all I hear is the hum of the vibrator and the ticking of the timer, which I have stupidly not put in my line of sight. I have no idea how much time has passed; my body is screaming with need as my thighs shake and my cunt clenches and burns. My head is whirling with thoughts of Sir, sensing him behind me tapping my arse with the crop as he tells me to clench tighter and listens to my moans and watches my struggle to control my impending orgasm. My breathing is harsh now as I try to hold on, the clit stimulator sending vibrations deep into my core, as the head of the vibe strokes against my g-spot. I’m trembling and my struggle ends as I cry out and let the sense of euphoria swallow me up and I collapse on the floor.

I look at the timer and moan as I see I had 5 minutes to go, if only I had been stronger held on that bit longer, now if I want the reward and want to complete the task I have to start again. I could just stop tuck myself up in bed and go to sleep. But although I had just had a wonderful orgasm I felt more distraught than euphoric; I did not want to achieve this for me but I want so much to please Sir, to achieve, to complete the task that he has set me so I start again.

I insert the vibrator into my hot soaking channel; I know that it is going to be harder to keep it in as I am so wet from my recent orgasm and much more sensitive. My hands on the wall in front of me, I focus on the cuffs as the vibe pulses and twirls in my hot depths. I have placed the timer on the floor so I can lower my eyes and track my progress, I will succeed I tell myself as I focus my breathing and clench my cunt tightly against the vibe to hold it securely in place as it torments me. I look down occasionally at the time and a moan escapes my lips as the minute hand seems to move ever slower. My body feels like it is on fire as my muscles burn from stand bent legs parted and hand securely against the wall as I clench tightly. I finally hear the ringing of the timer and I can breathe again.

I have so much fun rewarding myself with task 5 with butt plug inserted in my tight arse I moan and squirm and fuck myself until I cum so hard, my walls spasm, my arse clenching as I cry out over and over as my body quivers and shakes on the bed. Mmm thank you Sir.

On Sunday I am required to roll the dice to determine my task for the day, I do this in the morning before I send Sir his morning e-mail so I can let him know what the dice in this instance has determined. I roll the dice and watch as they come up 5 and 2 making number 7 my task for the day. 7) Freeze my bullet vibe and then insert it in vagina and masturbate until the ice section of the vibe is completely melted then cum. I shiver remembering the last time I had ice inserted in my vagina the way the freezing cold burns and that was just with a cube of ice not a bullet with an ice end I mean have a look at the picture it is a good size piece of ice attached that bullet and it will be vibrating inside me.

I take the bullet out of the freezer and run it under the tape to remove the silicone egg cup that it has been sitting in. I look at the ice as it comes free from the silicone and a shiver of anticipation and dread runs down my spine. Back in my room I run my fingers through my pussy lips not surprising they are wet and hot my cunt clenching wanting the pain the freezing burn I know the bullet is soon to provide. Stroking the ice over my hot wet lips its agonizing ohhh god whimpering but I cannot stop the torment ignites my desire.

I click the little black button on the end of the bullet and set the vibrations going as I slowly, insert the icy bullet in to my cunt, it is excruciating cold, as moaning and whimpering I push harder until it is all the way inside. Stimulating my swollen clit I think of Sir, I imagine his fingers inside me as he opens me and as my mind wanders my walls clasp around the freezing bullet my hips rocking as I rub my clit harder faster the heat in my cunt now melting the ice and the water slowly trickles out of me. My blood boiling my cunt clasping I feel my orgasm mounting and I allow myself to go with it embracing the heat, the burn the pain as my body finds its ultimate release. When I come back down I remove the bullet and the melted water that has pooled flows out of me.

I am tired my body aches and I feel good and I am looking forward to tomorrow, as tomorrow is Monday and I will see Sir receive my punishment as yes I have a clocked up a few this week and then I will get well and truly fucked in my mouth, my cunt and my arse. Off to sleep now so tomorrow will come quicker LOL.

Punishment – Cane – Belt – Crop

I seem to have a way of accruing punishments fairly quickly and easily it has been one day and I have managed to acquire 36 strikes of the cane already. I wouldn’t say I am a bad sub maybe a bit distracted and forgetful of some rules at times. LOL okay so I hear those of you that know me well laughing and saying now come on Aphy you can be a bit mischievous and cheeky on occasion. Yes I admit it, I admit it, I am a naughty little slutty sub really but Sir does like my spirited nature.

Well last week I managed to clock up a good amount of caning, but always having to negotiate I made the suggestion that some of the tally could be with the belt. Well didn’t exactly get the response I was expecting because then I end up not only with the caning but also an extra 6 with the belt on my pussy and some on my ass for good measure.

I am handcuffed behind my back I bend over waiting as Sir enjoys himself toying with me, the cane whistling through the air behind me as I quiver waiting for that first strike. My apprehension builds then the cane strikes hard across my ass and I cry out because hell I don’t care what anyone says it is severe and sharp and frigging hurts. Again and again the cane strike as I moan and my arse burns as the heat from each strike builds and builds smouldering and flowing internally and I feel my cunt contracting and my juices pooling at my entrance. No matter how much I complain and cry out my body betrays my desire, my need for what Sir gives me every time.

Then the belt, hmmm… now as all good slutty subs know the belt gives a totally different sensation particularly when used straight after a good caning. Shivers run through me and I ache for the feel of leather the stinging of the belt as it strikes not just on my ass and thighs, but also as Sir whacks my pussy. With my legs spread wide at every strike I find myself lifting to meet the belt as it comes down hard on my soaking pussy. My juices flowing saturating the belt as I cry out to Sir needing him, the belt always sends me over the edge, has my passions and desires spiralling but he hasn’t finished with me yet. He is not ready to give me what I am begging for…

I notice the crop in his hand just before it strikes across my breast and my scream fills the room. It is amazing the difference in the intensity of the pain between having the crop striking my unbound breasts compared to when they are bound tight. When they are bound each strike smolders and ebbs until I am moaning in the ecstasy of it but when he strikes my unbound breasts it is sharp, and cutting, piercing right to my very core and makes me truly scream.

The belt, the cane and the crop all leave their mark, all make me wet and hot and needing him to take me hard and Sir never disappoints as he claims my ass, his cock penetrating me in one powerful thrust my gasps and cries echo around the walls and when he has finished using and abusing my ass making me cum so much my whole body trembles, he orders me to stand and finishes me off with 6 hard fast strikes of the cane.

My ass, my thighs and my cunt are all bruised, with amazing welts, all so wonderfully sore and beautiful they have kept Sir uppermost in my mind all day.

Getting My Tattoo

I arrived at the tattoo study at 1.35pm my heart was racing as I thought about what I was going to have done.  I have a tattoo already so it is not like I am walking into the unknown even if it has been 17 years since my last tattoo.

My first tattoo was a rose see picture, yes that is actually a picture of my tattoo.

This tattoo is different; it depicts my desire, my love, and a part of me I am not prepared to deny anymore. My son drew it for me so it is also very special, as although he could not do the actual tattoo it is still a piece of art he has had a hand in and that I will have with me always.

I had intended getting the tattoo on my left shoulder, but the boys and Russell (tattooist) convinced me it was more a centre piece and should be placed in the top middle of my back rather than to the side.

Russell starts as per normal with placing an outline of the tattoo on to my back, I hear the boys who are all standing behind watching going “Yeah that looks cool”. LOL I only have their word for it. I hear Russell “No it’s not quite in the right place”, as he proceeds to remove it and place it on again.

Then I hear the familiar buzz of the tattoo gun and I relax as I feel the needles penetrating my skin, the sharp bite as Russell works is so enticing and I lose myself in the sensation. I hear the boys talking in the background as they watch and take photos for me.

The whole experience was incredible, I thought of Sir and absorbed the differing sensations as Russell changed needles and techniques as he worked on each part of the tattoo. I was so lost in the sharp bite and my thoughts of Sir that I felt myself moistening becoming very aroused when I hear my son’s voice “You okay there Mum, you look like you’re enjoying it”.

Ohhh I was mesmerised but unfortunately an hour and twenty minutes and it was all over. I love the results and am already planning my next one. I hope you all enjoy the pictures of me getting my tattoo.